Built in the mid 1970’s standing abandoned & unfinished the Hotel Añaza, Tenerife looks out over the expanse of the North Atlantic towards the island of Gran Canaria. The 22 story derelict hotel with hundreds of rooms was well under construction when the lack of planning consent stopped the building work in its tracks. Now with the owners untraceable the luxury build stands as an eyesore on the coastline. While I was on a family holiday on the island I took a spin up the coast to have a little wander around the impressive concrete giant. My plan was to walk up the endless central staircase to the roof. While I was just a few floors up a man rushed past me & continued up the stairs where a few moments later I heard shouting echoing from the empty rooms above. In light of being alone I thought better of my journey upwards & explored the outside instead. Still my visit was interesting & well worth it.