I was approached by the Llangennech Community Council to provide the photographs for their new website. I was given a list of locations in the sleepy Carmarthenshire village and I had to look at capturing them at their best. I had to consider the location & the best time of day to take the photo, where the sun was in conjuction to the countryside etc. This was a challenge that I was up for, waiting for the right weather & light and heading out at a moments notice and getting the job done. I was expressly told that there were not to be any people in most of the photos thus avoiding any model release issues however with two of the locations I felt that a figure was essential. To add a little human interest in the library photo where I put the camera on the self timer & sat down with a book. While photographing the playing field I took along my wife Jay & one of our two dogs Woof (yes that is really his name) to add some human (and canine) interest.

To see how the project came together then why not visit the council’s website HERE.