In case you’ve not already noticed, I’m a photographer! Obsessed by photography in all its forms however I dislike the technology side of it, wow, that’s just so boring, ZZZzzzzz!

I might not have had a number 1 album, climbed Mount Everest or flown a jumbo jet but I’ve been told off by Dame Shirley Bassey for photographing her putting her earrings on, had a drink backstage with the Goldie Lookin Chain and captured many, many memories with my camera that will bring smiles to people’s faces for years to come. I’ve lived all my life in the Welsh coastal town of Llanelli where very little of note goes on without me and my camera being there to document it. I’m married to the lovely Jay and we both have 5 not so little people who rock!

So what makes G tick?

Old Scandinavian cars,

Chocolate, especially that triangular one,

Urban exploration,

My 2 dogs Mutley & Woof! (have you tried standing in the middle of the park shouting Woof, Woof, Woof?)

Loud music, very LOUD music,

World War 2 pillboxes,

Single malt whiskey,

Mountain biking,

Travel, anywhere, near or far,

The Rocky Horror Picture Show,

Belgian beer in a Belgian bar,


Ikea meatballs.

Sometime ago I took the decision to travel and let my camera open doors for me & boy what a journey it’s been! From that moment on I’ve travelled near & far with my camera in hand. From Swansea to Iceland to Texas I’ve experienced life & met so many interesting people, sports stars, singers & royalty. In 2005 I was the documentary photographer, lighting technician, chauffeur & tea boy on the Cool Cymru photography project. Along with good friends Terry Morris (photographer) and Andy Pearson (author) we set off to photograph top Welsh icons, from singer Charlotte Church and actor Rhys Ifans to legendary figures Joe Calzaghe & Sir Tom Jones, we took their portraits & ended up with a stunning coffee table book & a 3 part fly on the wall documentary on national television. I’ve combined my love of music with my love of photography & have been virtually on stage with countless awesome singers & bands.

Anyway, if you’ve got this far & think that I can bring my camera to your party then drop me a line. Get your people to speak to my people!

Keep smiling, keep happy & keep in touch!