Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

OK so if you’re looking for a photographer then, yeah I suppose I can tick that box for you, I have several cameras! Photographers, there are dozens of us that you’ll find with a website & on social media. However, if it’s a photographer with a bit of pizzazz you’re after then I’m your man! I will get the photo that you need, no fuss, no drama just a professional outlook, mixed with a lots of fun & buckets full of imagination.

But who is this G?

G is Graham Harries. Living in the West Wales coastal town of Llanelli. I love photography, travelling, photography, single malt whiskey, photography, classic swedish cars & erm photography! I love my family life with the awesome Jay, 5 kids (well more adults now) & 2 dogs, but wherever we go I have my camera with me! From Trimsaran to Texas I’ve travelled far & wide and kept my eyes open for photo locations, locations that might suit your image. So if you think I can bring my vision & my camera to your party then why not get your people to talk to my people!

Keep well, smiling & in touch!

Come on, let’s talk – 07713 990244 – g@gphotography.org.uk